Monday, June 15, 2009


In the midst of reading a book... some pointers, boleh dijadikan panduan dan tauladan.

i: make low fat meals
ii: tiba2 teringat ; makan kismis sebab my memory dah sangat berkurang megabyte nye
iii: make acomputerized printout off all my relatives' and friends' birthdays and even their kids'
and have it printed out on a specially made calendar, so that each time I walk in all I have to do
is look up and see whose birthday coming up, and their card and maybe even a giftdepending on
their age and who they were would be a surprise and on time.
'Insya Allah'
iv: plant flowers or 'plants', get some green fingers on ( tried few times, come to a dead plant
instead) but I'll try one more time. Gardening supposed to relax you and even give you some of
those endorphins like people get when they exercise.

sunday night fever

my kids demam.... dah lama tak mengalami demam nih. last night quite high. hubby takde, so basahkan kepala dengan air sejuk je. okayla temperature turun naik.


p/s: klu gi trip ari tuh, lagi kesian sape nak tengok dorang.... ade hikmahnye.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

science & islam

a friend mentioning to me one day over lunch on this topic u can see in Youtube. A professor Jim Al-Khalili shows us his discovery of great scientific knowledge of our Islamic world, which is over whelming and amazing. as we know Islam has it all and the Koran consists of all the universal secret, wonders and guidance to face whatever possibilities we encounter in this world.

the most interesting that i found is on the episode 1, part 4, which he spoke of a renown Ibn Sina. he had completed a book on medicine. in it he had collected and expand all that has gone before him. the medical ideas from all over and had turned it into a single work.

it's like an encyclopedia consists of all that's related to human body, diseases and it is so well organized that it had started from tip to toe of all the diseases and he started from the head and moves down and also on organs in our body.

among others that could be find is for example on bad temper, vomit, diarrhea end even on depression as well. I find it most amazing that such effort and discovery being made to make it a more accessible knowledge gained by our generation. yeah Youtube helps. let us all make good use of the net by engaging ourself in a positive and useful info and network.

Friday, June 5, 2009


hidup nih memang banyak cabaran nye kan. we really need to be strong and face the music. what ever it would be.

some people gotten sick suddenly and family is so important to be where they have to be. some are so lucky to have family who would do anything for them. while some others maybe not that fortunate.... "mana **** nih? tak balik ke? tengok a***?. some may wonder. at this point of time, semuanye mula terpandang yang baik dan buruknye tapi bukan hanya pada diri orang lain tapi diri kita sendiri.

we thought that's so unfortunate...we got a new job. we are so enthusiastic about it. we go all'm gonna nail it this time and i'll commit myself to get the most out of this new job. tapi when the times come you had to report to a cold blooded superior, posted to a branch that's like so farther away, the environment's like so cold and stiff and full of boredom. the work is like pandai2 sendiri la nak buat. and you are left with no expectation given to you. terawang-awang. no communication. how do u do it.. where can u get the motivation to go on...hmmmmm

tu lah semua orang ade problem. semua orang ada setback. myself.... u wonder.:(


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