Sunday, April 19, 2009

kl book fair 2009

It has started on the 17th. Aku memang expected it this year so much. Nak shop for books. I went with IZN since my darling keje. Nak bawak IZK but rasee tak boleh nak control 'em both. Thought will go again before it ends with my IZT and IZK so adik can look around for books.

Well basically, it was not exactly what I expected. I think it was much smaller than previous year. And anyway the booth was okay. There were few distributor having more than 1 booth around. So sometimes we kept seeing the same stuff again and again. Most of it is the magazines distributor. Can get cheaper magazines by Ka****kraf of previous years.

I bought magazines they have in package of RM 10. It's 2 women mags and 1 for kids in a paper bag. Got 2 pens with it also. Than look around for activities books for IZN and some story books for IZK. The exercise books they had were a lot that was in packages like 3 for rm10 and 5 for rm10. So it was a bargain. Than we went to SA*A Islamic Media and got ourselves 2 CD of 'Muhammad Utusan Terakhir' (in cartoon) and another CD of a story of Adam and Noah ( trying to shift adik interest in too much of the C*rs, Mo*sters Inc and all of it sorts )... got for hubby some books on learning also.

Than go around, and a lil' put off by this "Gr*lier" group. They had their booth at so many places and this people approaches you sooo many times and I was kinda sick and tired of " ducking away" from them coz everytime they saw you especially since you are with a child they'll go approaching you to listen and have a sit with them and i'm doing this like so many times and makes it difficult to really browse around the other booth. This group actually sells the children education english lerning packages. (They have place at Te*co also). So it really spoilt the day coz you keep on bumping to them.

Yang kelakarnye, I was paying at the M*H booth and from the corner of my eyes, saw this guy already preparing to attacked me from the next door booth. Hmm.. pelagi terus tarik IZN cabut ikut the other way. and I could hear him calling up on us. "kak..kak..kak.." Adoi laa penat nye nak elak dorang nih. BTW got a book ' You've got to R*ad this book by J*ck Can*ield. It's a book of 55 people telling stories of the book that change their life. Interesting. And they giving 10% discount for all the books.

And finally something to learn hard on, a books on money management " Ke Mana W**g Anda" by Hjh Ro*ani. Hope can reap some benefits. So the trip was okay though got no story books for me but hopefully could bring IZK so that he wont miss it this year and hope the 'Pesticide' will be less next year and not too aggressive disturbing people.


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