Saturday, July 21, 2012

my 3 gems

i am  bless to Allah for giving me this 3 beautiful precious little people.

Its a wonderful experience to have the 3 gems and bringing them up in such a challenging world.

sometimes we have our downs..

but most times are only ups...

i hope i will be given the opportunity to thought them to grow and blossom into amazing people and to be able to realized their dreams and be at their full potential...


Thursday, July 19, 2012

no mobile to school

topik dibincangkan di rancangan MHI TV3 pagi ini. Pertimbangan untuk membenarkan telefon bimbit di bawa oleh pelajar-pelajar ke sekolah.

Adalah sangat tidak perlu!

1. Siapakah perlu di pertanggungjawabkan untuk menjaga.. cikgu? pelajar sendiri? ibu bapa?
2. Too many bulies at school. yang boleh pau telefon pelajar lain
3. double standard. ada yang mampu guna phone yang canggih, pelajar yang tak mampu.. tengok saje... akan menimbulkan insecurities...
4. takde concentration in class...
5. millions kind of appps available... our children nowadays are soooo 'creative'... you do the math...
6. so they will share inproper videos and upload and download and shoot pics, videos ...OMG... rated or not its  all in their hand.

this is just few... I can lists down more and

The good part....

1. senang nak contact parents to inform..
a. extra curicular activities ( parents should already know the schedules ) + they can use payphones
b. of their whereabouts. ( they shouldnt be in a whereabout. should have gone home directly ) + still can plan your whereabouts and use the payphones to inform.
c. i could not think of anything else other than to contact your parents from school.... DUH....

plus: ia hanya meningkatkan lagi kemungkinan palajar ini di undang bahaya. penculikan rompakan, ragut, kecurian, ugutan... u name it...

notes: we did not need a mobile than..we do not need the mobile now..
parents need to be more involve and knowledgable of their childrens school time, activities, transportation, friends and everything there is to know. no short cut.. how on earth could 1 gadget be the mode of communication that's more important and be taken advantage of to parent your child.


Friday, July 13, 2012


i wanted to write about inspiration..

i just love to be inspired by any possible ways and

its just great that i could sometimes just get inspired from watching a movie, or

photoshots, books.. especially books..

and people whom inspiring are just everywhere and i just love that..

at the moment.. i'm all emotional and i've been watching a lot of reality tv shows..

looking at the bright side of it, i do get inspired...

coz even if the reality may not really be real...

but the essence of the feelings shown are truly captured and

that's just magical.. to see people's dream came true and realized,  however real or not

the path they've taken actually were...


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