Saturday, January 31, 2009

do you really read??

I miss books by SK. At the moment I'm reading a paperback bought at the B*g B**kshop Sales by Carly Philips title "The Heart Breaker". Unlike the SK chic lit, this one was basically okaylaa.

I just need to get my hands on the book when ever is possible... even if I'm in the ..... yea laa time is limited. I think we neglected this part of a hobby as to reading are not mainly an activities a lot of our people do for past time. Nak2 there's like internet and it is a source of information also but not like what a nice piece of a book could give to you. It's still a different feeling holding a book altogether. But anyway it is one way or another as long as we are able to gain more knowledge and get informations which ever way we prefer.

So friends and family let us all go and get ourselves to read and let it become a culture for a more highly knowledgable generations in the future.

Friday, January 30, 2009

life is just .....

hmm... life is just too...what... short, empty, full, wonderful..however you wanna live it. Economic downturn. we just need to prepare ourselves for the worst. People change and a lot of negativity will be going around. We are bound to figure things out and have positive energy instead going around. This is the challenges we are facing in life. Savor the best moment and learn from the worst. Hopefully it will recover soon. Insya Allah

hoping the very best for the children of the future


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