Wednesday, September 16, 2009

last week ramadhan

everyone has started to get the syawal mode on. last minute shopping, packing up and preparing for balik kanpung trip. this year we got free toll for 18 and 24th september. so those who got early leave can enjoy the free toll, but how would it be like? worst traffic?

anyhow i'm gonna work right up until saturday. no mercy! cool... tp menggelagak jugaklah. why do people get to be so calculative? beats me.

now it's gonna be the time that we all have been waiting for malam lailatulqadar. the last 10 days of ramadhan..... how i wish i could've done better of my ibadah.

i wish all will get the bless from Allah and a more wonderful ramadhan this year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

play firework....

pada suatu malam ramadhan 1430

mereka2 yang ade disini

pak ngah yang lebih nih

izk nih takut nak main. dia tolong handout the stick saje

it's time of the year to play the fireworks. supply by un. im. thanks un im. izn was having a blast this year to play. more courage. my izk still 'akut' to play. so he has become the official handing out firework stick to the player. maybe later. pak ngah was the most enjoyable player for the night. mama said to im " nih dorang nih tak merase nak main mase kecik dulu" . meaning: our dad forbid this firework to be played when we were small. tak de can nak main laa. curi2 main tuh adela. tu pon stick saje.

so more fun ke with this firework to celebrate raya?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


camne nih. i'm like a lost soul. buat salah tak wat lagi salah. life is complicated. orang-orang nye tuh lagik complicated. what ever. saje je nak menceceh. malas la nak pikir2 sangat. sakit kan kepala n sakitkan hati je. hope ade yang faham.


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