Monday, June 20, 2011

kids! read books

i strongly believes that books is the best way to keep your child grounded and more real.
yes, our lifestyle nowadays are so much compact and fast and moving
we dont want to be too carried away with this kinda lifestyle

PSP, I phone, I pad, whatever the latest gadgets and technologies there is
too much of it consume will only lead our kids to be much more farther from us
of course there is a need to get them expose and aware of all this hi tech stuff
but dont rely too much on it to keep our kids entertain/ occupied whilst we go through with our
daily routine/ tasks..

i hope we will change the perceptions that the lifestyle
nowadays are modern and hi tech,
hence we need to get all this gadgets and teach our kids on the latest tech

remember that we need as much as humanity instill in our kids,
moral values, human touch,
communication when you see them eye to eye

more outdoors activities, self defense classes,
and be involved in more human interactive activities
use the technologies for a better purpose,
find information on the activities held in your surronding community

built our children a better future.
read with your kids
make it a habit

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

latest edition; Nur Ayesha Ellana

pic courtesy of Ain Sanusi

she is the latest edition to our growing family.

Nur Ayesha Ellana bt Mohamed Hafiz
my first niece ( biological )
and this would be the first person whom gonna call me with some other calling name
i havent thought about this...
and when my sister pointed it out to me..
i went...haaa aahh laaa

may be...
ibu also...
mak long...
ibu nini
like indonish
dont know laaa



Saturday, June 11, 2011

awal-awal agama mengenal Tuhan

excerpt :

kalau di ambil faktor usia manusia pula
bagaimana pula nak didik anak-anak kita
paling awal umur setahun mungkin baru boleh berkata-kata
nak ajar apa kepada anak kita seawal umur mereka
kalau nak ambil bila mereka boleh faham kata-kata
faham makna dan maksudnya mungkin sudah mencecah 7 tahun umurnya
inilah yang kita faham baligh namanya

kalau sudah cecah 7 tahun baru nak beri agama
ini sudah lewat dan sudah senja kata manusia
ini bukan awal-awal usia namanya
awal-awal usia kita bila ibu sedar ada manusia dalam perutnya
jadi dimana kita nak mula memberi agama kepada manusia
setelah Tuhan berkata Awal-awal agama Mengenal Tuhan yang Esa

Nukilan: Dato' Md Dakhiyar Hj Amir from Rahsia menjadi kaya dan berjaya by SH Al Attas &
Dr. Azizan Osman; page: 226

Thursday, June 2, 2011


need to get me inspired..
mind block
nothing serious though..
just thinking a lot on where i have been
who i have met

the past of me
the present of me and
the future of me

basically just pondering
what have i achieved up till now...

most precious though is them

so i am bless with my most treasured possessions
2 wonderful amazing and magical being i loved with all my heart
Bless by Allah and grateful for His gifts.


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