Friday, October 16, 2009


it has been a while...yes....
apa ke hal nye dengan my blogs ye????
i wonder....

well, a lot have happen since my fasting month post.
let me see....
apa ye???

hmmm raya this year with my beloved family. almost all were together.. just my sis turn (1st yr ) to im's (hubby) family side celebrate the 1st day raya in bangsar ( so far huh...), we also got to take our family portrait this year....hajat my mum yang bertahun sudahnya...

red is it!

so, manage to go back home town to my hubby's malacca also on the 2nd raya and this year yahoo!!! got leave longer than forever. so went to a lot of my aunts' and uncles' and other relatives. so went back to work on sunday...( yep! saya ade kena bekerja on sunday ).

so ceritera raya adalah tak lain open house...dan unopen house also..

my BFF at my home.... thx mama

the hostess noriz n aman n family tq....sedap nasi tomato

with Qaseh... thx ibu for your home made mee...

and there were other's home sweet home we went also..
rozs' yummylicious pasta
taas' sweet new baby aaron
mak longs' best ever sambal and nasi beriani
mokdes' mee
and at kampung, all the rendang...mmmmm
and others, kak lin, busu dan lain-lain ye...

so the story for raya this year are


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