Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more of my sis wedding

So the kenduri was held at dewan dr siti hasmah and it's dinner time. She's so into the white wedding dress and so the family is wearing red. Nira, you look beeeauuutiful and the handsome groom im looking good.

My mom and dad was super tired afterwards. And oh! yeah thanks a million to the whole family whom had lend helping hands to make the wedding a perfect event. U guys roock!

There were the biggest hiccup ever though. ( To those came, on behalf of our family we apologize and soo sorry for the big mess, and for whatever after effect you guys gotten after ).

And thanks for all the best wishes and doa for the bride n groom. Hope too see you soon as another wedding is coming this year, Insya Allah.

the preparation

the red and white theme

the event n family photo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

beloved sis

My one and only sister are married. To her childhood (ke?) boyfriend. They've been together like forever. Whom my babies called uncle im and for my boy calling him kim... so the solemnisation was on april 25th, 2009 and the veneu was masjid wilayah kl. They're wearing light yellow, hence the handflower modelled on the left pic here are yellow roses...

So hey sis! congratulations and semoga kekal ke akhir hayat. Sis, remember now you are a wife. Jangan derhaka pada suami. Taat pada suami coz you know.. syurga di bawah tapak kaki suami. Talk to your husband politely and dont raise your voice. Always ask forgiveness from him every night before sleep. Always be the one to prepare meals for your hubby kay, the least pun buat air untuk dia everyday. To Im, hope you will be the best captain of the 'bahtera' that you have just built, be the one to guide your beloved wife through the rightful life of our religion. Whatever problem arises ( memang akan tempuh banyak sangat nanti ) you have to be the man with the clearer head. Jangan mudah mengucapkan perkataan2 kesat atau kasar pada isteri. Dan yang paling penting! tolak ansur. So, both you guys abg izt n I doakan jodoh korang kekal sepanjang hayat. And for IZN dia pesan nak baby cepat2. IZK loves to play with the baby too. So work hard you all. ;)


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